What is therapy versus what therapy is not


A seven-letter word that can incite a range of emotions; fear, excitement, nervousness, joy, relief, and so many more.  There are countless ways people describe therapy or try to explain what therapy is. If you have had any experience with counseling some terms you may have heard are helpful, nonjudgmental, confidential and we are going to break these down today.  It can feel really overwhelming to navigate these words, especially if you may not hear them on the daily. You may feel discouraged or overwhelmed to figure out what therapy is and then trying to find a therapist that is the right fit for yourself or a loved one.  Maybe you are hesitant due to the stigma of mental health, feeling stuck with too much research, or feeling like you just do not know what is best.  Let’s break down what  therapy is:

Therapy is nonjudgmental

It allows you to see help with the “life stuff” you are experiencing and giving it to someone who is a trained professional to help you process.  Therapists are NOT there to judge you on your decisions, but there to help provide new insight. Therapy is a safe place for the client to let their emotions out without feeling like they’re lashing out, hurting anybody, or receiving judgmental feedback.

Therapy is confidential

You may have heard of the term confidentiality, and if you haven’t yet, I can promise you will during your counseling journey! Confidentiality is a priority in therapy, especially when starting a practice in a small town. Whether I see a client anywhere in the community, I will still treat my client as I normally would. For example, I’ll still smile and wave just like I would with seeing anyone in the community. I always leave the ball in the client’s court on what is comfortable or uncomfortable for them.

Therapy is helpful

 Counselors may specialize in different things, but something we all have in common is the desire to help. I counsel from a person-centered approach which means I believe that the client knows themselves best. With that in mind, I rely heavily on the insight of the client. I use this to help figure out where life has taken you, where life is going to take you, and considering necessary changes to get you where you want to be in life.

There is so much more to dive into, and I’ll be giving out more information as we continue. Be looking for more about how Evergreen Counseling Services operates.

I look forward to providing this service to Screven County and surrounding counties!

Lauren Amason

Licensed Professional Counselor