Hello Again and Welcome Back!

In the first post, you got to know me and my therapeutic model. If you haven’t read that post I recommend going here. 

I get to share with you the meaning behind Evergreen Counseling Services and how it came to be! Evergreen Counseling Services, EGCS for short, really came through searching for opportunities of being more flexible for my family and a drive for wanting to start something of my own.

 So, why Evergreen? Well, evergreen is a plant with foliage that remains green all year long. Even though the seasons happen, evergreen plants can always weather those storms and continue to grow. Similarly, we go through seasons of life. Some feel good, some do not feel so good.

But I believe we can weather the seasons of life well and continue to grow.

Plants do not grow on their own; they require good input to have growth and we do too! Like plants we need our water, food, and sunlight, but we also need healthy relationships, connection to others, and an evergreen kind of mental health! That’s where I come in Taking your mental health seriously and finding help for you or a loved one is a great first way to do that.

Through every season of life, you can stay EVERGREEN!

Lauren Amason

Licensed Professional Counselor